The Software Engine for
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A powerful tested technology for companies and portals seeking a robust, scalable and
compliant infrastructure at the heart of an online private securities business.

What is Apicista

A Investor Relationship Management Engine

The robust investor relationship management engine behind CommunityLeader's comprehensive Crowdfunding solution. As a fully compliant online platform for Crowdfunding businesses, chambers and portals, Apicista allows them to focus on providing effective marketing and business development services to their communities.

With an innovative marketing leading API structure, Apicista cost-effectively and seamlessly integrates into any existing sales support or broker/dealer system. Our trained and qualified support team can support a business or funding portal by providing all, or only part, of the comprehensive Crowdfunding fulfillment services.


Who is CommunityLeader?

A full service provider of business, investor and portal services in the emerging Crowdfunding market. With Apicista, CommunityLeader has three applications that together create the market's first quality-based, compliance focused and community-centric ecosystem for crowdfunding:

  • CampaignLeader is a business development platform for companies seeking to effectively develop, implement and support a successful crowdfunding campaign;
  • CommunityInvestor is a smart-phone enabled application for individuals to track, commit and subscribe to the business they want to support; and now
  • Apicista is a standalone accredited crowdfunding platform for our partners to connect quality businesses with qualified investors in their own communities.
  • In addition to providing the market’s best Crowdfunding applications, every Apicista user has varying degrees of access to CommunityLeader LIVE education and training platform.

For more information on how Apicista helps businesses and investors connect, contact us today.


The Only Portal-in-a-Box Solution!
  • More than just a website

    Apicista drives the right data at the right time to one or more marketing websites of your choice!

  • More than a business development tool

    In association with CampaignLeader, the first equity Crowdfunding application on the market, Apicista allows to you to support businesses to design, develop, execute and support a Crowdfund campaign.

  • More than a matching engine

    Apicista connects business and investors on a branded platform built to enhance your services with the flexibility of connecting to other Apicista platforms anywhere in the world.

  • More than a task list

    Apicista ensures that every step in the process is done at the right time by the right person with the proper training and licensing. (All required training and certification included!)

  • More than just for the Raise

    Apicista provides the services to ensure ongoing support to your business after a successful raise. (Services that can include you and your business!)


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