An Integrated Suite of Applications and Services for a
Complete, Customized and Compliant Investment Portal

For organizations that are seeking to build a crowdfunding Portal Platform for businesses in their "community" with a compliant and seamless eco-system of automated workflows, tools and services that protect the investors and support the business owners efforts to raise the capital they need to grow.

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Your Business Goals

A Crowdfunding Eco-system Focused on Your Unique Business Model

CommunityLeader's Portal Platforms are built and configured to match your Crowdfunding Eco-system. This model includes designing the public face of your Portal to match your market while giving you the opportunity to earn money from the Training, Development and Management Fees paid by the businesses seeking capital from the crowd. In addition, you have the option of using your own or our house accredited intermediary of record and share in the settlement fees generated from successful Crowdfunding campaigns.

Your portals’ business model is configured based on:

  • Target Market
  • Licensing
  • Services Provided
  • Partner Network


Personalized to Match Your Crowdfunding Business Eco-System
  • custom

    Custom Configured

    The Portal is the hub of your Crowdfunding Eco-System. It is custom configured to meet your unique business requirements and your target community.

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    General Portal Information

    Your Portal will be fully compliant to support multiple investment models and a wide range of Security-based Crowdfunding options.

  • custom

    Target Markets

    Your Portal is designed to serve a unique Target Community - a cross section of businesses with a common defining variable.

  • custom

    Education Platform

    Your Portal can be a Resource Center for your Crowdfunding Community – utilizing personalize versions of tested informational seminars and trainings.

  • custom

    Business Due Diligence

    Your portal can customize the proven CSF101 due diligence process – which puts business owners in the driver seat and your portal as the beneficiary.

  • custom

    Investor Qualification

    White label the first mobile application for crowdfunding investors and ensure that each investor has been properly qualified.

  • custom

    Campaign Service Center

    A fully trained and licensed team to ensure every transaction is done in full compliance by experts – working for you!

  • custom

    Intermediary of Record

    We can deploy one of six unique and compliant go-to-market intermediary models to minimize your risk exposure and maximize your earnings potential.

  • custom

    Community EcoSystem

    With CommunityLeader’s advanced community ecosystem your business can raise funds user of any version of CommunityInvestor – if and when you choose!

  • custom

    Technology Integration

    With licensed patented web integration platform, Apicista’s technology engine supports a real-time integration of live data to any application or website meeting your business requirements.

  • custom

    Marketing Support

    Our trained and experienced team can design a brand, a website, presentations and videos to ensure you are able to tell your portal’s story.

  • custom

    Product and Service Development

    Unique product service offering can be integrated into the portal platform – and sold throughout the network.


Training | Management | Support

Education and Training

Campaign Management

Investor Administration

Professional Support

Compliant Transactions

Development Process

Five Steps to Success

We are experienced business development specialists. We will help you design your Portal Platform to meet your business requirements. The five step process reduces risk and allows you to move forward as you gain support for your Portal.

Step 1:
Defining Your
Platform Requirements


Step 2:
of Proposal


Step 3:
Marketing Website


Step 4:
Portal & Applications


Step 5:
Training, Configuration
& Launch


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