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CommunityLeader’s CEO and Co-Founder, Joseph Barisonzi, on Big Pitch Radio Show with Kevin Harrington and Jason Garey

Burlingame, CA -- The Big Pitch Radio Show with Kevin Harrington and Jason Garey aired their interview with CommunityLeader’s co-founder and CEO Joseph Barisonzi on Tuesday afternoon.

Together, Kevin and Jason bring overwhelming experience to the table. Kevin Harrington is well known as the inventor of the infomercial, the pioneer of “As Seen on TV,” and the original shark on “Shark Tank.” Jason Garey has owned several businesses and is the founder of Business Radio Networks, which is the home of over 75 shows set to air summer of 2015, with the goal to bring exposure to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

"Big Pitch Radio is a great asset for companies seeking capital to tell their story," said Joseph Barisonzi. "We were proud to have an opportunity to discuss how the changing capital markets are impacted by crowdfunding, technology and the new portal marketplaces."

During the show, Kevin Herrington commented, "When people are looking to invest their money, they want to know they're dealing with the right people. That's one of the powerful things that CommunityLeader brings to the table, because you guys (CommunityLeader) know the business, you know the structure and legal side, which can be a minefield. So going with an expert...somebody that knows what the requirements are. That's so important."

Mr. Barisonzi stated in the interview, "CommunityLeader is fundamentally here to transform the private capital market so that individual people have the opportunity to directly invest in the businesses and projects they believe in, and entrepreneurs can access the right capital at the right time to support their businesses."

Listen to the full interview here to get an inside look at the expanding services provided by CommunityLeader, and why Kevin Harrington believes CommunityLeader leads the portal development space.

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CommunityLeader, Inc. is very pleased to announce the hiring of David Strong as Chief Operating Officer

CommunityLeader, Inc. is very pleased to announce the hiring of David Strong as Chief Operating Officer. David fills a vital role in the company’s core Management with an extensive Operations, Financial and Managerial background. With an MBA from Westminster College, David comes to CommunityLeader as the former president of New Hampshire EB-5 Regional Center and CEO, EVP of Finance of Pacific Equity Financial, LLC. David is a specialist in Corporate & Commercial Financing (in excess of $1.5 billion of project value), along with International Financing and Structuring, USCIS EB-5 Regional Centers & Funding and Operational Risk, Control & Compliance, to name a few. As he believes learning is a life long experience, he plans to complete his OPM at Harvard University in 2016.

David Strong comments, “I have never experienced an opportunity like CommunityLeader presents. A company poised to take a commanding role in the Equity/Debt Crowdfunding Marketplace. Their portal is the most secure and compliant platform I’ve experienced in this eco system. I am very excited to be joining the team!”

We are excited that David is joining us!

CommunityLeader’s Platform Ready to Support Reg A+ Platforms

Portal platform software and services provider announces its solution supports compliance with new “Crowdfunding Regulations” and schedules informational briefing for Thursday, April 9

CommunityLeader, Inc. announced that its integrated private-labeled software and service package is ready and compliant with the new Reg A+ rules published Wednesday, March 25th by the SEC. “The power and flexibility of the CommunityLeader solution fits perfectly with the Reg A+ exemption,” said Joseph Barisonzi, CommunityLeader co-founder and CEO. “Our clients will have the opportunity to integrate the Reg A offering to meet the specific business requirements of their online investment platforms.”

“The CommunityLeader solution is built with a commitment to compliance,” stated Chief Compliance Officer, Richard Weintraub. “After over 30 years of practicing securities law, I have a deep appreciation of the complexity and nuances of the regulatory environment. The CommunityLeader solution will support issuers to take advantage of the new Reg A+ tool with full confidence.”

Part of the integrated software and service solution provided by CommunityLeader is Nucleii, a full service marketing firm focused on investor acquisition. According to Scott Bachman, Nucleii’s managing director, “The new Reg A+ requirements provide the first real securities-based crowdfunding opportunity for platform marketing. Our team is trained and ready to support our clients to successful connect with retail investors.” On Thursday, April 9th at 1 pm EDT (10 am PDT), CommunityLeader will be hosting a Reg A+ briefing. This will be a GoToWebinar event lead by Rick Weintraub. He will be joined by Joseph Barisonzi and Scott Bachman. “This is free briefing exclusively for qualified individuals who are considering the use of our software and services to be the platform to their portal,” explain Barisonzi. Prospective attendees can register here.

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CommunityLeader Thanks SEC for Publishing Reg A+ Rules

“The challenge of responsible implementation now in the hands of the industry” said CEO Joseph Barisonzi.

The SEC Board of Commissioners approved the publishing of the rules associated with the Jobs Act 2012 Title IV *. “These new rules will allow companies to raise up to $50 million dollars in a 12-month period from up to 2,000 investors – both accredited and unaccredited” said Richard Weintraub, CommunityLeader’s Chief Compliance Officer.

CommunityLeader and Breakaway Funding Release Third Whitepaper on Community Banking and Crowdfunding

The paper provides a roadmap in which to implement a community-based crowdfunding strategy

CommunityLeader, Inc., a technology and service leader in the emerging crowdfunding industry and Breakaway Funding, LLC, a new crowdfunding portal platform announced the joint publication of “Community Banks: Sink or Crowdfund“— a whitepaper for community bankers on how to leverage the changing landscape in the private securities market to the benefit of Community Banks. The paper presents a framework upon which to implement a community-based crowdfunding strategy.