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A Unique Real Estate Experience

With a deep understanding and years of real estate finance and securities experience, our CLi Property team is unmatched in their experience in this emerging market. Building on a combined 50 years of real estate and property development and syndication experience, the professionals associated with CLiProperty are uniquely positioned to support the migration of your business online.

The Four Keys of

Creating Long Term Relationships

With a relatively high per investor acquisition cost, a real estate portal provides a valuable ROI for its operators by becoming an important part of it’s investors long-term investment strategy.

Curating a Quality Portfolio

It is not enough to have a marketing site that matches producers with investors.

Investors want to know that there are quality projects on the platform. They need to be able to view the underlying data, due diligence, and underwriting. They need to know that the people involved have significant experience in identification, underwriting, financing, implementation, and operations. They need to know that when the market turns, they are investing with a team that knows how to protect their investment assets.

Diversifying the Capital Stack

The automation associated with an CLi’s investOS™ makes diversification manageable and scalable.

A quality development project is able to access diverse capital sources for each stage of their project. Different sources of capital bring different terms and requirements. The best practice is to diversify sources of capital through an online platform designed to support both retail and institutional investors into projects directly and balanced funds.

Finding the Targeted Investor

A flexible and customizable platform like Apicista allows the portal to be configured to support it's needs.

Not all investors are interested in property. Not all property investments are suitable for all investors. The portfolio and the configuration of the security vehicle of the portal drives the targeted investor group. An investor acquisition strategy balances convention, digital and social media marketing. The development of a targeted investor profile ensures that marketing efforts by experienced teams like CLi’s Nucleii connect your unique story with the right investors.

Staying Compliant with Securities Laws

Our team has been consulting with real estate companies on these laws for decades.

The changing securities laws have opened many doors for real estate developers and investors. However, the regulatory market remains complex. There are issues associated with the regulation regarding who can sell securities, the number of total investors, the total value of the investments -- these all have direct implications on how your platforms and the associated securities must be designed and managed.

software & Services

An Integrated Approach

A complete investment operating system for your real estate portal.

CLI’s ecosystem provides the software, platform, and professional systems necessary for every impact investing portal. As the premier whitelabel platform provider, CLi saves you money, time, and headaches with a fully-integrated solution. With our Application Integration Server, our platform can connect with proprietary applications or commercial solutions you are using to run your real estate business.

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