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Dedicated to Providing Software & Services to Crowdfunding Portals

CLiImpact is the practice group at CommunityLeader dedicated to providing the very best in software and services to portals that are targeted investors seeking to make a social, environment and civic impact with their investment. We have a deep commitment to sustainable business success and fidelity to compliance.

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Calculating and Communicating Impact

All portals need a quality deal flow and access to a universe of quality investors. For a successful impact investing portal you need a little more -- you need the ability to communicate the entire story of the impact the investments on your site will make, and then you need to collect and report the data that supports the story as the investor money is used.

Any time there is a solicitation and sale of a security a story needs to be told. No one does this story need to be more compelling than in the world of impact investing. Quality returns, operations, management and planning is simply not enough. A successful impact portal needs to tell the story from the moment a prospective investor visits the site all the way through their consideration of the due diligence and then as the plans associated with the use of funds unfold.

CLi’s technology -- Apicista -- can uniquely meet the business requirements of an impact investing portal. Beyond meeting the compliance requirements associated with the solicitation, sale and ongoing support of a private investments; the CLI platform can generate the critical data impact investors demand to assess, evaluate and celebrate the impact of their investments.

Built around patented data transformation technology, the CLi platform can integrate multiple data sources and provide customized interactive reports to investors or issuers. This allows a portal to provide metrics for return beyond financial in meaningful ways.

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An Integrated Approach

Providing the software, platform and professional systems every crowdfunding portal needs.

CLI’s ecosystem provides the software, platform and professional systems every impact investing portal needs. With the addition of our Application Integration Server – our platform can connect with proprietary applications or commercial solutions you are using to run your business. Together we can provide a complete investment operating system (InvestOS) for your impact portal.

More About Our Software & Services

Portal Packages

Your Crowdfunding Portal is Unique, so are Our Solutions.

The perfect package to match the business, legal and ops requirements of your portal.

With seven portal packages to match the business, legal and operational requirements of each unique crowdfunding business. Each package has been designed to match the software’s applications with the services required for a specific deployment.

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We have published a treasure trove of crowdfunding material including whitepapers, an ebook, and videos. We recommend checking out “A Community-based Approach to Crowdfunding”.

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