Who We Are.
We build and service white-labeled Crowdfunding Portal Platforms

CommunityLeader is a software and service provider for broker/dealers and other organizations that want to effectively link private companies and prospective investors into platform for the compliant facilitation of securities-based crowdfunding offerings. We develop and launch custom portals that encompass your unique brand and crowdfunding eco-system.

Our Issuer App for businesses supported by a team of trained and licensed Campaign Managers provides complete business development, due diligence preparation, marketing and investor relations services. Our portals also provide investors unparalleled access through our Investor App to search and track a wide variety of opportunities that match their investment ability and personal preferences.

When working with the crowd, or what we call the community, we are setting the stage as the industry standard of compliance and excellence in this new and evolving market.

We are committed to develop and maintain:

  • An industry-leading process for educating and qualifying potential companies and prospective investors for securities crowdfunding.
  • A comprehensive due diligence process that meets all SEC and FINRA legal and compliance requirements.
  • A matching process that introduces qualified investors to qualified businesses meeting their match criteria.
  • Ongoing portal compliance with all relevant promotional and advertising regulations.
  • A process to qualify, match and track prospective crowdfunding investors.
  • A platform that subject matter experts and professionals can utilize its resources to service their clients.
  • The most compliant, yet flexible and scalable, crowdfunding platform in the industry.

Executive Leadership


    Joseph Barisonzi

    chief executive officer


    Scott Bachman

    chief marketing officer


    Jennifer Amys

    chief technology officer


    Richard Weintraub

    chief compliance officer


    George Stroebel

    chief financial officer

Management Team

Justin Bachman
product manager

Matt Daniel
sales director

Hendra F. Sie
process manager

Joe Bachman
senior software engineer

Charlie Remer
creative director